Shezad Dawood: Leviathan: From the Forest to the Sea at Touchstones, Rochdale

Shezad Dawood: Leviathan: From the Forest to the Sea
3 June – 12 Aug 2023
Touchstones Rochdale

The latest instalment in Shezad Dawood‘s film series, Leviathan Cycle, expands the collective and horizontal filmmaking method that has become a central feature of the cycle’s second half. 

Set in the Brazilian Atlantic Forest, one of the most ecologically diverse, and threatened biomes on earth, Episode 8 is developed in close collaboration with Guarani scriptwriters, directors and activists Carlos Papá, Cristine Takuá, Sandra Benites, and Brazilian artist and researcher Anita Ekman. It intersperses the imagined journey of Dawood’s protagonist Yasmine with accounts, songs and the retelling of foundational Guarani origin stories. 

Blending indigenous cosmology with fictional narrative, shot footage and especially commissioned animation by Anita Ekman, Episode 8 charts an embodied, spiritual and ecological journey along the age-old Guarani path that links the forest to the sea. 

Commissioned as part of Hybrid Futures.

Shezad Dawood at Touchstones

Leviathan Cycle

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